Catching Up

Good Evening to all my dear friends. Today, I'm back with nothing new, sad isn't it but nothing can be done for now. I'm a college student and for the previous 2 months, I was busy training girls' and boys' handball teams for the upcoming inter-college tournament. Since it ended up in our victory now, I'm free from that but trying to catch up what I missed in lectures during that time. So, most of my day was spent completing all those unnecessary assignments and lab files. But still, I try to be on the path of 100-day DSA Challenge.

Revising what we learned still today, was a good decision.

What is Recursion?

Why is Recursion helpful?

Where is recursion implemented?

Different types of examples of recursion.

Essential components of recursion.

And all other topics we learned till today. It helped me a lot to understand what I learned till now. It's fun too while recovering the past studies but we still have to move further cause there's much more that I want to learn even now.